Monday, May 3, 2010

The Mother of All Things Gross

Meet the leopard slug, or banana slug as it is also called.
Banana, because many people relate stepping on one of these as being like skating on a banana. Skating on a banana was exactly what I thought I had done when I first encountered this freakish example of one of God's creatures. To my horror, I had stood on much worse. These slugs rate pretty high on my 'gross' and 'shivers down the spine' scales. Somewhere up there with wetas I think.

Since arriving on Salt Spring, I have come across more of these slimy beasts. I say beasts, because they're not small. Not like those little NZ snail-like things. These whoppers are around 100mm long, and fat like a banana. Not to mention their 'snot' trails which ooze out to ridiculous lengths behind them.

Corey gets great delight in picking them up and watching me scream and run hysterically in the opposite direction when he throws them at me. Yet somehow, he seems surprised when he gets the fingers, and the silent treatment afterwards... hmmmm...


Pixie said...

eeeewwwhh!! that thing is massive!!

FaerySarah said...

eeeeeeeeewwwwh it looks like spew!

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