Thursday, May 20, 2010

Help Please... Possible Blonde Question Needs Answering!

So I am the first person to admit that I'm still really crap with all this bloggy stuff, and so I am putting out a question to you all that may be fairly easy to fix or maybe not, probably the former...

Lately I have subscribed to lots of lovely blogs but their new updates don't show up in Google reader. They are on my subscriptions list, I can see them listed in the navigation bar down the side, and if I click on each individual subscription I can see all their latest posts, but in the main window, I don't get to see them when they post new stuff.

On their individual pages there is an option on the side that I can un-click which says 'mark as read' so I un-click that, thinking that perhaps somewhere I've made a setting that is telling it to automatically mark the new posts as read so reader doesn't bother showing me when new posts are put up, but then when I close that window, and go back into it again, it is ticked again... I am ASSUMING that my problem is something to do with this option being selected, but I can't for the life of me work out how to keep it unselected and all I want is to see ALL the new posts from my subscriptions!

I have looked in all the settings etc but can't find what the deal is.... VERY ANNOYING! Any suggestions/help would be MUCH appreciated!

Thanks peeps!

By the way, if that made absolutely no sense to anyone please disregard the gibberish!


Bee said...

hi, i wanna help but not really sure what is going on lol. i'm no pro at this either!
not sure what you mean by unchecking the "mark as read", you can just ignore that. it is just asking if you would like to mark all the posts as read and if so you can click on it. eg. there are 20 new posts and you don't want to sift through them all, you can click on the "mark as read" and they will not appear as new posts for you to read.
in terms of what appears on the main screen, are you clicking on "home" on the far left bar? or you can click on "all items" and i think they appear in order of time posted. i personally just scroll through my list of subs on the left and read each from there.
hope that was of some help!

Jacqui said...

Hmmm...not sure what the problem is as I've never had an issue like that. There are a couple places you can choose settings on Reader - one is in the left pane where all the blogs show up under subscription - if you click on the little down arrow you get some options. There are also options in 'manage subscriptions' which is located in blue at the bottom of your subscriptions pane. Oh! I just thought, where are you trying to see the updated blogs? I have to go to 'All Items' instead of 'home'. Only a few updates show up there. Checking 'mark as read' should just affect the posts on the right pane, if you want to get rid of one blog's or all the new posts you subscribe to. This probably won't be much help though, sounds like you have some kind of weird bug. Have you tried contacting Help?

Nikki said...

Thanks for the tips guys!
Unfortunately I haven't been able to sort it - so I've kinda given up and am just looking at each blog subscription individually. Oh well!

I really appreciate the help though!

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