Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Love You, Fush

My nickname, (well one of) is 'Fush'. C developed this name for me over the course of 2009, after my Mum sent us a page cut out of a Wellington newspaper with an alphabet written out in the way Australians think New Zealanders' speak... ie. 'F' is for 'Fush' - mostly eaten with chups... 'K' is for 'Kuds' - short for chuldrun...
This piece of lingual finery was put on the fridge and was often a talking point whenever we had visitors.

So somehow, I became 'Fush'. It is so rare for me to hear him call me by my full name anymore that when I do, it is usually because he's pissed off that I've left my art stuff all over the floor again or something along those lines...

It makes me smile every time he says it... ' Love you, Fush'.


FaerySarah said...

I think I've only ever head my full name or at least my first name out of Joel's mouth a handful of times. and yes it is usually when he is angry... OR he does it just to throw me off cos its so random.

I have been a few names in my time including:
chewiligan, chewiligan-ruddiga, Ju-williagan, Jude?, puppy, puppy-kitten, pups, boo-ruddiga, bud-ruddiga, buddy, and now I am just bud.


Funny thing is, I call him bud too, so we are both bud. "hey bud can you pass me the salt?", "sure bud"... it could get confusing!

Fush is really cool. i can so relate!

Nikki said...

Oh my gosh, Chewiligan-ruddiga!? Raandom! hehehe I love it :p

FaerySarah said...

i forgot to right 'Judetta' and 'Judith'

yay for me.

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