Monday, May 17, 2010

Happy Birthday 'Cozza'

I might not be blogging for a while, you see I'm going to get shot for a) posting this photo and b) even writing such a mushy post anyways, but I swear it's worth it so here goes:

Today is my man's 27th birthday. We don't usually make a big deal with gifts for each other's birthdays as we tend to buy all the things we want during the year, so we just write those things off as birthday presents (yeah un-imaginative I know, but it works for us). He doesn't really like sweet food either so I can't even make him a cake (though would likely be disasterous if I tried anyway!).

I really wanted to give him a big shout out and say Happy Birthday, and even though it's just going to be a normal day like every other day, I'm still thinking of it as his special day and loving him more then ever. I figured that this was as good a place as any to say how I feel because lord knows if I tried to tell him to his face he'd get freaked out with the 'mushiness' of it all.

I can't believe I met him 11 years ago, when turning 16, and 17, and 18 was such a big deal! Good thing that at 27 he can still make me laugh and lighten up, make me appreciate things from a different perspective and challenge me every single day! He's still the joker, the prankster and the cheeky bugger, and I love every minute of it.

Happy Birthday babe. OK, you can kill me now...


FaerySarah said...

hehehehehehehe I'll be watching to see if this gets deleted! I know I'd be in trouble! hahahaha but its such a lovely post and that is a cute pic :-) Its great that you guys have that way with birthdays and mushiness, good that you like it that way too. I'm more of the make-a-fuss-dammit person.

Did you even see my sneaky comparison link to a pic of Joel and a pic of jonathan reec-myers? I thought he'd kill me... but its still up there! teehee!

luff u!

Nikki said...

Yes I did see that post! Did Joel ever even mention it?

I always cringe when I post about Corey cos I know what's coming. He HATES it! tehehehe oh well!


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