Tuesday, August 31, 2010


A few nights ago some friends took us down to the shoreline to show us the phosphorescence. They are little algae that sparkle like glitter in the ocean when you gently disturb the water. It was so amazing! They show up best when it's really dark, and after a day of really warm weather.
Apparantly skinny dipping in a mass of these little things is like basking in a glittery whirlpool! 

I would have loved to get a photo of it but obviously with camera flashes and things it would never have worked, so I found this beautiful artwork as an example. Of course, if a jelly fish eats the microscopic algae, it too will light up, just like this.

Artwork by Jennifer Clark, found here.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I follow the blog of a very talented Perth photographer Samm Blake, (whom I secretly have always dreamed would photograph our wedding). Her latest post, showcasing once again some stunning wedding photos, included a little bit about 'luck' and being a 'lucky person'. Here is a little excerpt from her post, but please pop over to read the full context and see her brilliant work! These words rang very true for me...

How to create your own luck:

1 – To be one of the “lucky” people, you need to share their amazing ability to focus. Clearly define your goals. Make them so vivid and real you can taste them. Regardless of the distractions and small detours, staying connected to your dreams is crucial.

2 – In order to arm yourself with the same advantages as “lucky” people, you need to become an ardent student. Lucky people thirst for knowledge constantly. Be prepared. Be determined to be ready when the opportunity presents itself. Only then will you be able to recognize it’s potential, while others ‘just can’t see it”.

3 – Motivation is a difficult task it seems for all of us. We’re either motivated or we’re not. But how does one become motivated? No “lucky” person lives by “Murphy’s Law”. When faced with a challenge, obstacle or downright failure, instead of being depressed and lose your motivation, do what the lucky person does. Become even more committed to try a different approach, a new way, but try again. Failure can actually be a motivator to the lucky person.

4 – Attitude and motivation go hand in hand. One acting as a catalyst to the other. No matter how dyer your circumstances, never let on by your demeanor and displaying a negative “oh, poor me” attitude. You can be a “glass half full” kind of person, but how about being a “How can I keep this glass refilled?” type person? A lucky persons attitude is contagious.

5- Expectations can be a tricky thing. Most of us are dosed with well meaning remarks like, “Don’t get your hopes up” or Don’t expect too much”. Lucky people were either never told or didn’t take it to heart. They DO expect much. Not as in a spoiled child throws a tantrum to get what they want. Rather they believe they WILL receive! Any great sales leader will tell you, “always ASSUME the sale”. It’s not a matter of IF, it’s a matter of WHEN and how much.

{Instructions from How to Be A Lucky Person}

Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Poladroid' Overload

I was just re-reading through the great tutorial by BobbyRobin for making Polaroid style photo boards, (as I have big plans for all my travel photos when I get home), and followed her link through to this site and woooaaahh baby talk about getting carried away and having way too much fun with this application. Procrastinators beware!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

De Ja Friggin' Du

Hello, this looks like a familiar sight...

Time to weigh in and begin the painful process of culling the clothes...

Back that bus up just one moment... does that say what I think it says?

10kg. I think a miracle has just occured. YES! And on first attempt too! Shot!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Summer Rain

Some beautiful, talented, Swedish voices for Friday. LOVE. I miss singing so much.

Friday, August 20, 2010

An Oldie

An old Indonesian textile printing disc. Well, a drawing of.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

More writing...

The rain split the skies today. You can almost see the ground heaving a sigh of relief as it lets the heavenly liquid soak it's bones.
The air is filled with the high pitched trill of frogs, and there are wasps swarming in the puddles.

A familiar chill struck my shoulders this morning, and I pulled on a jersey thinking how neat it is that this weather has nearly come full circle for us. Nearly. We will be gone in two weeks. We will miss the part where they have snow.

'Gone in two weeks' is something I couldn't imagine saying about this place. It's a measurement of time that doesn't seem to fit. We have been here six months, and it has always been, 'Plenty of time to do that...' and now 'time has run out.' We are moving on.

We arrived in March for a five day trial. Funny how things work out huh? Funny, and unbelievably brilliant that our paths have been interwoven with the paths of so many others, as if we were selected, and they were selected. I believe that every person comes into your life for a reason - to teach you something about the world, or yourself. You don't always see the reason straight away, but it is there.
Our paths have intertwined for a little while, now they are freeing themselves and moving in different directions. Some, we will meet again though, I am sure.

For now, I make the most of the slithers of Canadian summer that are left. The crusty leaves of early autumn continue to fall. I pick more and more from my shoes on the deck every morning. It's nearly time to go.

One From the Moleskine

Saturday, August 14, 2010

These Days

These days when it's as hot as this, there isn't much to do except swim. So today, we did. Some friends have come to visit from Calgary and Switzerland, so we made the most of the heat and the company and headed out to where it was coolest - the middle of the ocean!

Friday, August 13, 2010

You Know You're Cool When...

Your highest criteria for buying sunglasses is finding ones that will sit over your actual glasses and kind of, sort of cover them to a point that you can wear them while driving and not feel like a complete dork.

Oh, and you know you're SUPER cool when you do a 'pout pose' and blog about it. Hah!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Bit of Writing

Today is one of those days, those late summer days, where it really couldn't get any more summerier if it tried. We're right on that cusp - where the sun can't beat much stronger, and the grass is so parched and brown it couldn't crunch underfoot any more then it already does.
It's that time where the weather feels almost monotonous. It's more of the same, every single day. I can't remember if we have days like this in New Zealand. I'm finding it hard to remember New Zealand summers at all. This is my third summer in two years, and none have been New Zealand ones.

The baby deer are losing their spots now. It's as if the sun is fading their little red coats into a weathered grey, and taking their spots with it. These days the little babies, who are no so little any more, lie camouflaged in the dusty grass. I can't recall when they stopped being sweet wee babies - one day they were suckling from their mamas at every available moment, the next, they were not.
Their arrival in the spring time came when everything was so promising, and every sight to be seen around was a palette of rich citrus and apple greens.  Those babies bounced and played with one another, practicing their galloping and getting used to their gangly legs. They were curious and fearless and cheeky.

The door to our trailer is creaking in the breeze. It swings slowly back and forth on it's hinges. No one, and no thing is in a hurry round here. Even the wind chimes clang just enough to pepper the air with sound, in a half-hearted, lazy, summers day way.

There are no cicadas here. Only bees, hornets and hummingbirds to provide much needed background drone. If we sit outside in the mornings long enough, patient and still, the hummingbirds will hover around us checking for flowers. Without moving an inch so as not to scare them off, I crane my eyes in their sockets to watch their beautiful azure coloured bodies and furiously beating wings, hover and dart, hover and dart. But as the flowers are now succumbing to the scorching sun, the hummingbirds are disappearing too. We are coming to the end...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Another Poppet

Note: This fella was not intended to look like Hitler, as C pointed out to me...

Sunday, August 8, 2010


This is where I'm going in 4 weeks time...

Are we crazy and being totally over ambitious covering so much ground in a month? Yes.
Are we going to come back completely and utterly broke? Yes.
Do I care? Not so much!

And see that place rrrriiiight at the bottom at the very end? Yep, that's home, and I'm quite excited!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

When Biddy Biddys Attack

We went for a snake hunt, but snakes were the least of our worries...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Old Illustration

I recently found a treasure trove of illustrations from a copy of 'The Graphic' Newspaper, dated December 31st 1882, all tucked away in a corner of this labyrinth-like second hand book store on Salt Spring. And they were for sale. $2 each. Yes please.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

We Grow 'Em Big

Our success at growing veges has just become ridiculous.
Anyone know of a local competition for growing the largest zucchini? Cos' I think we'd win...

The Swing

On the way into town is a field...

And in that field is a tree...

And in that tree is a really old swing...

And sometimes, when there's absolutely no breeze at all...

The swing swings all on it's own!

Freaky berjeezers!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Weekend Sounded Like This...

Customer 1: Oh what a lovely accent, where is that from?
Me: New Zealand
Customer 1: Ohh OK... which part of Australia is that in?
Me: (in my head) *urrrrggghhh* (that's one of those gameshow incorrect answer buzzers)

Customer 2: Where in England are you from?
Me: Oh I'm from New Zealand actually
Customer 2: Oh! Well not far from England though
Me: (laughing cos' I think they're joking... then realising they're serious...) Ohh, New Zealand is off the east coast of Australia...
Customer 2: Ohhh...
*Insert awkwardness and embarrassment and customer slinks away*

Customer: Are you from Australia or New Zealand?
Me: New Zealand
Customer: (shaking my hand) Ahh gidday mate!
Me: Umm that's Australia
Customer: Oh... are you sure? Because I've been to New Zealand and I'm positive...

*urrrrggghhh*.... *urrrrggghhh**urrrrggghhh**urrrrggghhh**urrrrggghhh**urrrrggghhh*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!