Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Weekend Sounded Like This...

Customer 1: Oh what a lovely accent, where is that from?
Me: New Zealand
Customer 1: Ohh OK... which part of Australia is that in?
Me: (in my head) *urrrrggghhh* (that's one of those gameshow incorrect answer buzzers)

Customer 2: Where in England are you from?
Me: Oh I'm from New Zealand actually
Customer 2: Oh! Well not far from England though
Me: (laughing cos' I think they're joking... then realising they're serious...) Ohh, New Zealand is off the east coast of Australia...
Customer 2: Ohhh...
*Insert awkwardness and embarrassment and customer slinks away*

Customer: Are you from Australia or New Zealand?
Me: New Zealand
Customer: (shaking my hand) Ahh gidday mate!
Me: Umm that's Australia
Customer: Oh... are you sure? Because I've been to New Zealand and I'm positive...

*urrrrggghhh*.... *urrrrggghhh**urrrrggghhh**urrrrggghhh**urrrrggghhh**urrrrggghhh*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jacqui said...

Welcome to my life - except its the Kiwis asking the dumb questions and they're saying "aboot" instead of "about" ;) Except the time the guy in Edmonton asked us if we'd driven over from New Zealand. To be honest I think he realised how stupid it was the second it left his mouth but still...

Pixie said...

bahahahahaaha sooo funny! Silly people....At least you aren't getting picked on, damn Sydney people love taking the piss out of me.

FaerySarah said...

ahahahahahahaha so funny that they said 'are you sure'.... like you wouldn't know!

Nikki said...

Jacqui - Driven over from New Zealand!? Oh my gosh I think that tops it for me for the dumbest things said!

Pixie - Yea had my fair share of that when living in Perth. It got really old, really fast, but they loved it.

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