Thursday, August 19, 2010

More writing...

The rain split the skies today. You can almost see the ground heaving a sigh of relief as it lets the heavenly liquid soak it's bones.
The air is filled with the high pitched trill of frogs, and there are wasps swarming in the puddles.

A familiar chill struck my shoulders this morning, and I pulled on a jersey thinking how neat it is that this weather has nearly come full circle for us. Nearly. We will be gone in two weeks. We will miss the part where they have snow.

'Gone in two weeks' is something I couldn't imagine saying about this place. It's a measurement of time that doesn't seem to fit. We have been here six months, and it has always been, 'Plenty of time to do that...' and now 'time has run out.' We are moving on.

We arrived in March for a five day trial. Funny how things work out huh? Funny, and unbelievably brilliant that our paths have been interwoven with the paths of so many others, as if we were selected, and they were selected. I believe that every person comes into your life for a reason - to teach you something about the world, or yourself. You don't always see the reason straight away, but it is there.
Our paths have intertwined for a little while, now they are freeing themselves and moving in different directions. Some, we will meet again though, I am sure.

For now, I make the most of the slithers of Canadian summer that are left. The crusty leaves of early autumn continue to fall. I pick more and more from my shoes on the deck every morning. It's nearly time to go.


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