Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Wardrobe - Fulford

There is a little shop shack in Fulford on Salt Spring Island called 'The Wardrobe' and going in there is like Christmas. Christmas, in Bali. Or Thailand...

It is tucked away behind a wall of ivy in a little lean-to shack type of building, with little openings and warrens branching off into other areas, and it is chocka-bloc full of clothes, scarves, sarongs, hats, jewellery, mittens, accessories and bags from all over Asia.

It has an overwhelmingly ethnic feel to it of course when you enter, but if you search through the racks and piles, crammed with handmade lace, tie-dye, cotton, silk and colour, there are so many individually gorgeous pieces that you could easily take home and add to your wardrobe.

My favourites are the twirly, gypsy style skirts, you know the ones that come down to your calves and swirl out if you spin around? (as you do). And soft cotton summer dresses for pairing with sandals and sunglasses and running through fields in... (of course).

I could spend an entire day in there and not get through all the shelves of scarves and bowls of bracelets.
And I swear there is nothing in there over $30. BONUS.


FaerySarah said...

feel free to spend up and send things to me.

i love running through fields with twirly skirts!

Nikki said...

hehe twirly skirts it is! :)

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