Thursday, June 17, 2010

Glad Heart

On Sunday I had a 'glad heart'.
I think of having a 'glad heart' moment as when you are just so darn happy with the world for a small moment, everything seems A-OK and then something else happens that just tops it off, cherry style.

We picked up a hitch hiker on Sunday morning on our way out exploring, (hitch hiking is about as common on this island as getting in your own car and driving somewhere would be - it's considered totally normal and safe).
Said hitch hiker turned out to be the coolest chick ever from New York, travelling around the Gulf Islands for two weeks before she heads back to the east coast to start her summer internship in Chinatown. She is doing her post grad on art therapy, and after she explained this to me I decided I have perhaps missed my calling.

We got along like a house on fire, and as a thank you for the ten minute lift, she shouted us to a beer at a local cafe, and gave us her contact details for when we head off to NY on our whirlwind three day adventure in September.

That was the biggest 'glad heart' moment I have had in so long. Sometimes the world just rocks, as well as the people in it.

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FaerySarah said...

that sounds GREAT! cool man!

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