Monday, June 7, 2010

Recording the Brain Waves

You know what? Someone seriously needs to design a thing-a-me-bob machine like this one that, (instead of recording earthquake vibrations like this baby), is actually hooked up to your brain at around that time of the night when you're somewhere between sleep and awake, when your brain is just going nuts with ideas and STUFF, stuff that you want to record, to jot down, to list, but you just can't be assed rolling yourself out of your comfy little duveted cocoon to scramble in the dark for a piece of paper and a pen... this thing-a-me-bob quietly jots these mega thoughts down so that in the morning, you can blearily and crusty eyedly tear off the documented thoughts, all in list or word or doodle format, ready for you to go, 'Oh yea! That's right...' and commence putting into action your brilliant brain waves of the night.

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