Saturday, February 13, 2010

'Rodney' the Redback Spider

This is 'Rodney', the redback spider. He moved in some time over the last day or two. We've been having words, because as much as I get a little lonely in this house on my own while C's away, Rod turned up, uninvited.

And to make matters worse he's moved all his shit in with him. He's taken over the corner of my laundry, down by the back door, and he's leaving half eaten flies and other bugs all over the floor. Not to mention I found his web in my shoe.
I tried to explain to him that if he had been in there when I went to put my shoes on it could have turned nasty, for both of us! But he's hanging around and he's making me nervous.

Here he is hanging around in his web like a lazy bugger in a hammock, legs in the air, and completely ignoring me with my camera up his butt. Typical.

UPDATE: Rodney had an unfortunate run in with the vacuum cleaner....


FaerySarah said...

LOL this is hilarious! eeeeeeeeeeeww if he was in your shoe ewwwww i shudder to think what would happen... so what happens when you need to clean out the vacuum cleaner bag etc? eeeeeeeeeeeeee

so well written. good riddance to the rod.

Nikki said...

The vacuum cleaner bag was taken out straight away, triple bagged in supermarket bags, jumped up and down on and put in the rubbish bin which went out this morning. Phew! hehe

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