Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lovin' This Week

Some really awesome things have been happening in the little world of 'me' this week, here are a few I will share... Meeting, re-meeting and making some great new friends. Friends of friends are so cool when they become your friends too! Even better when they've come from various places around the world. I think it's so crazy when the wee threads which are our paths in life, cross with the threads of others, even if it's just for a short while. It's magical :) Booking tickets to Canada and Europe for March next year. The next phase in our exciting trip is now just around the corner and I'm jiggling around in my chair at the moment I'm so beside myself with glee! Yummy part vegetarian BBQ with garden salad, potato salad, roast vege salad, vege kebabs... three days later I'm still drooling... thanks Mouse and Christie! Spring is well and truely here in Perth. OK so spring in Perth is like the peak of a Wellington summer, which means I am DREADING the real summer here again, I don't function too well when I have sweat patches down my back and butt and my glasses are sliding off my nose and it's dripping into my mouth... but for now the weather it purrrfect and there's nothing like waking up each morning to a crisp blue sky and that smell of the heat on the pavers outside as the temperature dial gets cranked up a notch. SO goooood. Starting to paint again for the first time since college (high school). I forgot how blimmin' time consuming it is having to layer the paint, wait for it to dry and so on. I am so used to my pencils where I can spit something out in an hour! I am re-learning the value of patience, and I think it is paying off. I will post my efforts here soon as an incentive to me to keep going with it! The last week in my current job! Even when it's super difficult to peel yourself out of the comfortable, butt moulded impression in your favourite chair, change is a really good thing. This is my last week in my current design position and next week sees me starting a new design job. I'm excited to see what I'll be up to over the next few months with the new company. I am hoping that I will be going from this design assistant position to something with a bit more responsibility, so we shall see! Becoming a brunette! The last time I attempted this I was 16 and in the midst of a hairdressing apprenticeship. I ended up looking like a very ill, pasty goth chic. I then remember a flurry of tears and desperate calls to my hairdressing friend and slowly but surely converting myself back to a blonde. However 8 years on, health issues and budget constraints have called for me to try my hand at sticking to my natural colour *gasp* and I am actually LOVING it. Woo hoo! Well that's just a few highlights from my week so far, I hope your week has provided highlights of its own!


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