Saturday, October 3, 2009

Kowhai for my Papa

Over the weekend my Dad turned 60. That to me, is a pretty awesome milestone. If he read this (which I'm sure he doesn't) he would not be too impressed by the fact I am broadcasting his seniority to the world, and I'm sure he would have preferred it if the date just slipped by unnoticed, but I think it's worth celebrating.
I clearly remember when I was a little girl, thinking that 60 was so old, as my Grandparents were in their sixties, that's a Grand sort of age to be in! Well my Dad doesn't have any Grand kids yet, and now that I'm older I realise it isn't really that old at all.
Some of my favourite moments over the past years have been on warm sunny Sunday afternoons, when I would take a moment from lounging around, to potter with my Dad in the backyard. Dad finds it impossible to sit still, and every Saturday and Sunday is filled with gardening, potting, watering, fixing, or bee-keeping. It was something that me and Dad would always do, just us two, and I will always cherish those small moments. One day when I'm home again I hope I can have many more moments like those!
So I was understandably a little sad that I couldn't be in New Zealand to help celebrate, (though I know Mum made a big hoot of it). So instead, Dad, here is a wee kowhai flower for you, I hope you had a super fantastic day.


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