Thursday, October 1, 2009

Amy Butler Patterns

Today became a magical day when I checked our mail box - inside was my recently ordered parcel of Amy Butler patterns. I have been so completely beside my self with excitement that I was finally getting around to ordering some, that I didn't stop to think that these are from America. Meaning they are in yards and inches- a thoroughly irritating and incomprehensive language. So, instead of acting surprised when I stash these in a corner and don't attempt to use them any time soon, I will pre empt it and suggest that it is super highly likely that this will happen. Until I muster up the time and patience to sit down with them and see if it's maybe not so bad after all. Watch this space, or... maybe not!


Jacqui said...

I think they're not so bad after all. I hate using imperial too, it's annoying X100 but there are a couple ways to ease that a bit. First you can get an inch tape measure and just grit your teeth and do it in inches. I ended up getting a 1/4" foot for my sewing machine which reduced the frustration hugely and they're not that expensive. Or you can convert to the nearest round cm, like .5cm, or 1cm, and do it that way. For some things, like the laptop cover that would be fine, although other items, like those lovely bags, might be less amenable to it because the pieces are designed to fit together with the 1/4" seam.

Anyways, you can't leave those in the corner, they're too gorgeous! Especially the weekender bag, I've been eyeing that for awhile but haven't taken the plunge as yet.

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