Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ooh La La, Yellow!

For a long time I have had a soft spot for the colour yellow. Yes, that's right, the colour that many of my fellow interior designers screw their noses up at, and say, 'Ooh no, oh no yellow just won't work, eww no...' Frankly, I couldn't care less because though, of course, there are always situations where some colours will work better then others, I feel yellow gets a severely bad rap for just being a bit fun, and a bit cheeky. And jeepers, isn't it nice to break 'the rules' sometimes, (whatever those are) and just use yellow cos' it makes you happy!? So over the next wee while, I'm going to share images of 'yellow' in some form or another, used in an interior sense, to show everyone once and for all that to use yellow doesn't mean you have to slather all your walls in screaming sunflower hues. It can be your friend! So firstly, I want to share some images from Hawkes Bay based textile designer Leanne Culy. The fabrics featured here are designs from her range put out last year. These particular simple designs are printed in beautiful caramelly yellows, onto 100%cotton and hemp basecloths, available in drapery and upholstery weight finishes.
Check out all of the fabrics in this collection plus other work and info on NZ stockists, on her site Home Base Collections. Have a look at the stunning styling and photography used throughout her site too, it's super gorgeous and very effective!


Jacqui said...

I have to admit I noticed the speed chair first instead of the fabric; but I've had a thing for his furniture for awhile. Home Base have some lovely stuff, I must remember to check the site regularly.

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