Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Mission

Ok, I have been stewing about this idea all weekend and have decided to post it here as a means of holding myself accountable. My goal is to be self-employed. While I have been hanging out here in Perth, pouring over the newspaper pages for a 9-5er, these feelings of dread have been gnawing away inside my stomach and my head - I want to be ME, and I can't be me anymore working for someone else, lining someone elses pockets. I have so much creative juice right now that I can't bear the thought of it being sucked dry again once I get into 'a steady job'. I know that realistically I can't be totally self employed straight away, I will need another form of income, but I am putting it out there now so that I can't turn back. This is the goal I want to work towards. I will achieve!


FaerySarah said...

it's totally achievable... I started my photography business up while still in a full time job and did it for about a year or so, i was ready to go full-time and realised that it wasn't what i wanted to do in the end (which doesn't help but!..) It's easier than you think and its soooooo important to be happy in your job! If your creative juices get crushed in a 9 to 5er get a job that is mindless so your mind can focus on other things.... good luck!

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