Tuesday, October 11, 2011

International Outfit

A friend noted briefly to me not so long ago, that sometimes if you want to put together a really great outfit, you need to dig deep into the back of your wardrobe and revive some of the old things that haven't seen the light of day for a while. I agree, that it's often the unexpected collaboration of items from various different seasons and styles that makes for something so much more fun then a quick all encompassing shopping spree at Glassons.

Well today, without this being my intention at all, I think I've well and truely put together an international outfit.

Black long sleeved top - 'Target' Australia, purchased around 2 years ago.
Black tights - 'Primark' London, purchased 12 months ago.
Cord skirt - Thrifted from 'Value Village' in Victoria, Canada, 18 months ago.
Vest/cardigan - Hand me down from my Mum (originally from 'Sussans', NZ) 3 years ago.
Belt - Naples, Italy, purchased 12 months ago.
Shoes - 'Glassons', NZ, purchased around 6 months ago.
Turquoise necklace - 'Grace Anchor Finery', Salt Spring Island, BC, purchased 12 months ago.

And that people, is a pretty mad example of holding on to things for yonks, trekking round the world with your wardrobe and wearing garments to the grim death!


Ariel said...

I love your outfit! Very cute!

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