Saturday, July 24, 2010

Op Shop Love - Value Village

A few weeks ago I had one of those op shopping experiences that comes along once in a blue moon.
I'd been hearing a lot about about this 'fantastic' second hand store in Victoria called Value Village, so I dragged Corey across on the ferry and made a pilgrimage to see what it was all about.

Umm, New Zealanders, think of a place the size of  'The Warehouse', but it's all second hand and vintage clothing. Apparently there are 'Value Villages' all over America and Canada, so... can we have one in NZ? PLEASE!? (Hang on, who am I kidding, there's probably one in Auckland or something I just don't know about it...).

We spent, maybe an hour and a half in there, and I could have spent a lot longer expect Corey was so bored I think he may have been frothing at the mouth and doing that 'lying on the ground on your side, spinning in a circle' thing that Spongebob does.

At one point I recall a tantrum on my part as I discovered an aisle, yes that's right, a whole aisle of vintage fur coats. The cause of the tantrum was one particular coat, and it was in the cutest 60's swing coat style, and it was so perfect... except it was fur. Real fur. I left it on three occasions only to wander back down the aisle again to check the label to see if it actually miraculously said 'Acrylic' or 'Feaux fur' but no, it was very much real. I couldn't do it. Even though it's $15 price tag screamed at me as I left, I couldn't do it. Plus, travellers reality check, how the heck would I have gotten that all the way back to NZ in my pack anyway??

That aside, I did get a couple of goodies which I will share now... I think all up I didn't spend more then $40!

                               Alterations: Took back darts in a little to give more shape

                                Alterations: None

       Alterations: Were skinny jeans, cut off and hemmed to make shorts

                               Alterations: None

                                Alterations: Was ankle length, cut and hemmed to knee length

Note: Sorry that most of those items need ironing, and for the bad photos. I live in a caravan peeps, this is the only mirror I got and we don't have an iron!


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