Saturday, February 19, 2011

Summer Lovin'

This is my all time favourite time of year. And I've missed it while I've been overseas. Because no where can I find those glorious late summer sun baked afternoons like I do in NZ. It's always those small things that I hold close to my heart, just the tid bits that I find floating in a lazy Saturday afternoon. And because I'm back living with the 'rents for the time being, it's even better. It's like I've time travelled back to the days of being a little girl - when weekends seemed to arch on forever, filled with wonderful sights, smells and projects.

I love that I can always find Mum at some point during the day, saucing or stewing or baking in the kitchen, filling the house with glorious tastes and smells.

I love that the cats seem to feel the 'weekend' spirit too, and they repeatedly alternate between lazing in a sunny spot to cooling in the shade.

I love that the washing stays on the line until the last slithers of sunshine have slipped away, leaving the towels crisp and crunchy.

I love that my Dad is always outside; always watering, or always mowing... the smells of the cool water on the hot concrete driveway and the freshly mown lawn are to die for.

And the part I love the best that I return to religiously every sunny weekend day, is my afternoon nap. Back in the bedroom I spent my first 20 years in, I lie in my crumpled duvet as the sun pours in and the breeze whispers through the open windows. I soak in it. I drift away. It's truely the thing I love the most.

*Apologies for the poor photo quality, all snapped on my phone!


PaisleyJade said...

Loving your list - and so envious of you having afternoon naps!!

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