Saturday, February 12, 2011

Resolutions - Making Progress

Remember how I said one of my 'resolutions' (if I have to call it that), is to get a bit more serious about my drawing and start an online shop? Well yesterday I took a major leap in that direction because I got a new toy.

After a lot of research and moollah, I am now the very excited new owner of a Canon Pixma Pro 9500 mark II printer, which in a nutshell means when it comes to getting top quality prints made of my drawings, I can do it myself instead of forking out squillions for someone else to do it. I have full control. Yusss! It has 10 pigment ink cartridges so the prints won't fade like regular home printer ink, and it's designed especially for photography and fine art printing, both A4 and A3. Yikes! Do I sound like a walking sales brochure much?

So here's to the start of my little enterprise. Just gotta pull finger and get some things drawn that are suitable for selling!


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