Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Days & Birthdays

Hello 2011, just like that you're underway and I realise all those resolutions that I was mulling over haven't been put into action yet (though I don't like to call them resolutions because that word screams to me 'final, definite, commited goals' and that freaks me out). More on the 'R' words soon.

Today is also my 26th birthday, and adding to the freaking out front a little, I am suddenly aware of all the things I want to have done by the time I'm 30 and how many of those things just haven't happened yet! But I'll get there. Patience, patience.

It used to be a bit of 'a thing' that my family would go berry picking most summers around this time of year, so today I've chosen that as my birthday outing. Mmm raspberry goodness, tastes even better when you've picked them yourself.


PaisleyJade said...

Happy Birthday!! I must start on my new years resolutions soon too ;)

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