Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's All About Me

As I mentioned in my last post, one of my goals for the year is to work on my self confidence. To step out of my comfort zone a little and for goodness sake, stop freaking out about what other people think ALL the time.

Because I will admit now, that I am actually a very shy person. I avoid social situations because they're just all a bit too scary. I don't like trying out new activitites because I freak that I might suck at them. I don't dress or act the way I want to all the time because I stress about what others will think. I am reluctant to set up the little online shop of my drawings that I have wanted to in so long, because what if no one buys anything!?

People who know me well might think this all sounds a bit strange, because with my family in particular, I'm probably the loudest, crudest and craziest amongst us. But that's a little different. Even here on my blog, my 'voice' is a lot more like I want to be in the 'real world', but it isn't. Not always anyway.

So there we go, it's out there. I know there are some other fairies around who sometimes feel like they're in the same boat, so I say hey, let's make it a goal for the year to work on it. I'm going to try my best to update monthly on what I've been doing to get out of 'that zone', even if it's just little things.
Let's see how it goes!


FaerySarah said...

I can't wait to join you in posting monthly about getting out of our comfort zones!!!! You'll start a trend, I just know it!!


Pixie said...

I'm hanging out to buy one of your drawings!!

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