Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Vancouver Island

We splurged this weekend and took a trip over to Vancouver Island, with a two night stay in the quaint little seaside town of Tofino and then a night in Victoria.

In Tofino, we found ourselves staying in a lodge cantilevered over the Pacific Ocean, and with wee cabins dotted throughout the bush. We sat in front of an open fire, drank wine and played checkers while a storm whipped up outside, and then the snow began to fall. Bliss. Such a novelty for us Wellingtonians.

We explored cute wee gift shops, galleries, wind swept beaches, hidden lakes and bays. I get it now, I see why people always say that Canada and NZ are alike, because there was a breathtaking scene round nearly every corner. Be it winding through snowy hills, happening upon glass like lakes with mountainous backdrops or marvelling at architectural features, my camera got thrashed. Completely.

It was also a weekend of, 'Oooh you're from Australia!' 'No, no we're not, we're kiwis.' 'Oooohhhhh.....'


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