Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sometimes Differences are the Best Bits

I was reminded on our cross Canadian adventure recently that I really do love that C and I get a total buzz out of completely different things.


Driving across the prairies towards Calgary...
ME: 'Look at the contrast between the bright yellow fields and the blue sky!'
C: 'Woooahhh! Check out the size of that digger!'

Strolling through Banff on a lovely spring afternoon...
ME: 'How cute are these wee historical buildings in the town centre?!'
C: 'Hey check it out! That's one impressive fire engine!'

Driving through the snowy Rockie Mountains...
ME: 'These mountains are huge!'
C: Stop looking up there, you're supposed to be looking at the road, looking for moose and bears. Moose and bears, I just gotta see a moose and a bear before we leave Canada. Oh, and a beaver. Yeah a beaver too. So keep looking.'

What is life if your other half can't make you crack up, and I so love that C makes me crack it ALL the time. Love it.


FaerySarah said...

LOL ahahahaha boys are silly! but we love them!

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