Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Toy

Well I harped on a little in my last post about not being able to spend money on setting up a creative room/studio, and I may have left out a little portion of the story as though it is 100% completely true that we are saving our booties off right now, it is also because we are choosing to buy other nice things... like toys.
When C went away to work up north for 10 weeks his 'reward' was a playstation 3, and he got that with no complaints. But then I thought well, what about me? (of course).
For so long now I have wanted to get a digital SLR camera, and I've just sucked it up and thought well there was no way...
So as a compromise of sorts, I did my research, and instead of buying a hugely expensive top brand camera, I settled for a not so well known brand which was half the price of the others. Plus it got really good reviews too. It does all the things I want and I won't feel quite so terrible if it doesn't get as much use as I originally intended. After all, enjoying photography class in 6th form was one thing, I haven't touched an SLR since! Chances are I will smash it or drop it or lose it somewhere in Europe next year anyways knowing my track record...
But I am stoked now and I am certainly intending to be in everyone's faces for the next wee while, practicing and re-learning all the in's and out's of manual operation.
Now that's it. No more toys! Must save! Sheesh.


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