Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Marimekko Wallpaper

We had a little treat at work today; a presentation of some wicked Marimekko wallpapers.

My absolute favourite was the 'Ystavat' design which comes in some great colourways including a fantastic mustard yellow and black (but which I couldn't find a picture of).
The design is made up of a series of line drawn figures interlacing to create a wave pattern down the paper. It's so quirky yet fairly simple, now just to find a client adventurous enough to use it... yeah right, that'll be the day!
Maria, distributor of Marimekko wallpapers in North America has pointed me in the direction of her website New Wall Inc where you can view ALL of the papers plus more! (see the mustard and black colourway above? mmmmm). Thank you Maria!


Maria Raco said...

Ystavat is my favourite print also! I am the North American distributor for Marimekko wallcoverings and this is just one of many beautiful prints available. Visit www.newwall.ca to view the entire collection. Thanks Nikki!!

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