Monday, February 2, 2009

On The Way To Greenhead...

I wanted to share a couple of pics I took through the car window, whizzing by at 110kmph, (even though I wasn't driving, I thought I did pretty well!), on the way to Greenhead over the weekend. I certainly wasn't trying to be artsy like wee Sarah of Bobbyrobin, there just wasn't really anywhere to stop for me to take photos, so I had to make do with my head out the window like a dog!

I am super obsessed with wind turbines - the sight of them makes the hairs on the back of my neck prickle, but in a good way, I think it's the sheer power and magnificance of them, and I love the way they look when sillhouetted against the horizon.

We drove through a part of Yanchep National Park, where two weeks earlier there had been a wild fire. The blackened, shrivelled tree corpses are all you could see either side of the road for a good 5 minutes drive, they stretched right out to the horizon, and the burning smell filled the van, it was super spooky.

Once we had left 'the dead zone' we started to pass masses of trees that had been scorched by the heat of the fire, and turned a beautiful amber colour, this photo doesn't really convey how brilliant the colour contrast was of the amber leaves against the blue sky.

*Sigh*, Mother Nature you are a clever thing!


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