Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gone Ghosting in Freo

Like a lot of things in life, I sit on the fence when it comes to believing in ghosts and spirits and so on, I suppose as there isn't hard evidence either way, I'll always believe in the possibility of their existence - so it MAY just be my vivid imagination that tells me I caught one in my camera last night, or maybe not?

We went on a night tour at Fremantle Prison (highly recommend it, was super fantastic) where I spent the entire hour and a half shuffling around with my legs crossed so as not to wet myself in terror (I am a bit of a chicken, yet love an adrenalin pumped experience, which I thought this was). I found myself willing some kind of a ghostly blob to appear in my camera, and I think I got my wish, even if it is just light reflection...!
(The 'ghost' in question is looking out of the bottom of the top left window- hmmm the more I look at this the more I think maybe my imagination is getting pretty clever huh?)


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