Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Sewing Project

Today I've been working on a dress that I've had the fabric for, for nearly 12 months. You know those projects? Yeah, one of those. I'm hoping this is going to turn out a little more 'retro vintage' then 'Grandma's tablecloth', but either way, I'm excited to finally be making something that I feel will probably get worn, unlike so many of the other projects I undertake!

My problem with things like this is that there is no sewing pattern in the world (well, it would seem...) that I can make and not have to alter to my shape. Maybe I'm lucky with my curves or whatever, but I always have to take it in a mile at the smallest part of my waist, which usually makes the rest of it sit in a really odd way. It also then means constant trying on, pinning, taking in, trying on, pinning, taking in... which I get so sick of!


Jacqui said...

99% of women need to alter patterns, its just that most dont realise it! Took me ages to figure it out There's lots of great books on altering patterns to fit your body - the one I have is Fit for Real People by Palmer and Alto, you can also get Palmer Pletsch fitting patterns through McCall's.

Jacqui said...

I forgot to say that the great thing about them is that they show you how to alter for a small waist or big bust without making the rest of the pattern fit weird.

FaerySarah said...

yeah i find that with the waist thing too, i realised that i ended up having to pin it to my exact waist and hips and then come out from the waist a bit, even though i didn't want to and then that gave a more even look and made it sit the way it should. its so strange! looks good though - would look better on a human though!

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