Friday, August 26, 2011

For the Love (or Hate) of Water

I'm on a two week mooch holiday at the moment - mooch in that I've taken time off work, not to go anywhere in particular, just to spend some time doing some 'me' things that I haven't felt the time or energy to do lately. I'm one week in, and one of my goals for my little break was to sort my body out a little bit. Not loose weight specifically, just give it a bit of a cleanse, and a rest from the crap I put into it.

So I'm eating a lot of fruit and veges, very little meat, and drinking tons of water.
That probably doesn't seem that full on to many of you but I am a terrible emotional eater, and I can't remember when I last made it through a day without eating 6 or 7 biscuits, a couple of muesli bars and a few bags of chips, alongside all the other stuff I was eating. That's every single day. Oh, and I NEVER drink water. I hate it. Don't care what you say, it does nothing for me, and apart from the occasional glass now and then, I pretty much steer clear of it. Until this week.

I have been drinking around 8-10 glasses of it every day, and I feel really really good. Like so good, I weighed myself this morning, and 5 days in I've lost 3 kilos. That wasn't my specific intention, but it's definitely a bonus! So this thing called water that I hate so much, that I'm constantly reading is the number one thing to consume, especially if you're trying to lose weight, well, it may have just found an unlikely friend in me.


FaerySarah said...

oh my goodness! I HATE water too!!!!!!! why drink water when you can drink juice I say! it also does nothing for me, i never crave it, i think it tastes like nothing and it sucks. But yeah its always great for me when i do have it. I'm supposed to drink lots while pregnant so i mix it with raro cos otherwise i will go days or weeks without drinking anything but coffee and sprite. woops. seriously. You should try a green smoothie come summer too - I can't wait for fruit and vege to be cheap again to start making them again!!

water sucks but its so damn good for you! Do you have a filter or britta jug? cos tap water tastes like licking the inside of a school pool!

FaerySarah said...

oh and what's with the people that like drinking hot water? instead of coffee or tea? yuck!!!!!!!!!

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