Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Colour Me Pretty

A very early memory for me is going through my Mum's handbag and coming across her little flip folder of 'colours' - the colour swatches she would use to go shopping with to ensure she bought the clothes and colours that suited her best.
I have always wanted to have a flip folder of my own, always been curious as to what colours work best on me. People have often said that if I am an interior designer I should have no problem knowing which colours I should wear, but it really is a whole science in itself, there is no link between interior colour knowledge and self styling what-so-ever!
Well my aunt gave me a voucher to get my colours done a few weeks ago, (it is definitely not a cheap excercise) and I was thrilled to bits, waiting anxiously to see whether I had anything in my wardrobe that hit the mark or not! The day finally rocked round yesterday, and my appointment took two hours for them to go through the four colour 'seasons' and determine the best colour set, make-up tones, jewellery colour and glasses frames for me, taking into consideration my skin tone and hair colour.
Turns out I am 'summer', and I must admit there are some colours that I should be wearing that I would NEVER have thought would suit me, ie. lavender, lemon yellow and baby pink.
There are some colours that I wear already which is a relief, like apple greens, navy and fucsia.
However apparantly I should never wear black or crisp white! Well I laughed at that one, there is no way I would give up wearing black. NO WAY.
So when I'm next heading off to buy new clothes, I think I will take my swatches with me and see if I can stick to my colour chart. Something tells me this little swatch book will be a handy guide in my handbag, but I don't think I'll ever take it as gospel. Sometimes when you love something you just gotta have it, doesn't bother me if it's on my colour chart or not.


FaerySarah said...

ok this is scary. My mum has the EXACT same thing. that photo - I swear you went into her bag - stole her colours booklet and swatches and used it for this post! I was always fascinated by the fact that anyone would get their colours done. Surely we know ourselves? but na we are crap and learn so much from these creative colour people! I have the same complexion and hair colouring as my mum so my colours are basically hers. She was told not to ever wear white or black either - creams and off whites are ok and navy blue is ok to I think. I'm supposed to look really good in Tomato red (with orange hair? thats just random!) Teal, only gold jewellery, Deep Royal Purple, Forest Green, Leaf Green and Browns. So basically - I'm Autumn.

So much fun you must have had though! oh!

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