Wednesday, December 2, 2009

1 Year in Australia

Scarborough Beach, Perth, WA
Yesterday marked exactly 12 months since C & I hopped on the plane in Wellington and flew to Perth, Australia. Jeepers that was a teary morning! My family means everything to me, so it was a big step to tear myself away, knowing I may not see any of them for a long, long time. But I managed, and though the first month or two were pretty rough, I'm now OK with the odd skype call and the myriad of emails that get sent back and forth!
I've been a bit reflective lately, and remembered during that 7 hour plane journey how I began wondering where we would be in 12 months time. Now I'm wondering where we'll be 12 months from today. The truth is we have NO idea, we may be back home in NZ, or we may be still tiki-touring round Europe somewhere, or perhaps still in Canada. For someone like me, who likes to be very organised and plan ahead, this brings a range of emotions, from anticipation and excitement, through to a little bit of nervousness and terror!
All of that aside, I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to get out and see the world - you really do forget how small and iscolated lil' old NZ is until you really get out in the world on your own.
Still, I can't WAIT to see what the next 12 months brings... hopefully an abundance of adventures and good times... we shall see!


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