Tuesday, September 7, 2010

New York, New York

I am writing this on a full stomach of scrumptious Pad Thai, after a full on four days of New York fever.

We have squeezed in as many things as we could possibly squeeze, like walking the Brooklyn Bridge at 3 in the morning, standing atop the Rockerfeller Centre, enjoying live jazz at the Fat Cat basement bar in Manhattan, learning to play shuffle-board, strolling central park, relaxing at Coney Island, marvelling at Times Square, doing laundry like the locals in Brooklyn, riding in the yellow taxis, navigating the subways and so much more.

I'm pooped, but no rest for the wicked! Let's see what Europe has to offer...


Pixie said...

Jealous. Yes very Jealous

String said...

Gorgeous photos. Wish I was there!

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