Friday, March 19, 2010

Va va va Vancouver

I meant to take lots of photos today, our first day in Vancouver, but I didn't. I didn't, because sometimes it's nice to just use your own senses to explore and discover a new place, rather then looking at everything through a lense. I often think that if you're not careful, thinking with the mind of a camera all the time can cause you to miss what's really going on... well at least that's how it seems sometimes. But there will be more photos soon.

This is one of two photos I did take. See the snow? Yup, going from a country with 40 degrees one day, to another country with 2 degrees the next... so strange! But I am loving being rugged up for once. I miss feeling 'snuggly'.


Sarah said...

Make sure you take a water taxi over to Granville Island - the most awesome place in all of Vancouver!

Nikki said...

Cool thanks Sarah! I think that might be on the list of things to do today...!

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