Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lost in the Paper Work

During this whole process of planning to travel, I think I have identified a hole that needs to be filled in the internet world.
There needs to be a site, ONE website, that specifically helps young, first time travelling New Zealanders and Aussies to work out all the different things that they need to get where they want; visiting visas, work visas, entry and transit requirements and applications through America, appointments for biometric scanning, money order certificates, Youth card applications, banking details etc...
Maybe it could even include packing tips and tricks and suggestions?
Who am I kidding, there is probably already a site like this out there, I'm just so blonde I haven't found it. Instead, I've spent hour upon hour going from website to website, gradually figuring this all out for myself, bit by painful bit, sorting through the current and up-to-date and the not so up-to-date information. That's the key phrase, 'UP TO DATE'! Am I the only one who has ever noticed that there doesn't seem to be ONE place with all the information on hand, or at least links to the certain government websites that you need to visit?
I think there has to be a smarter, easier way. There just has to be!


Jacqui said...

Perhaps it's like some sort of travelling test - if you can't figure it out the hard way you then you'll never survive overseas? I always like the one about if you look like your passport photo you're too ill to travel. :D

Nikki said...

Travelling test is certainly one way of looking at it!

Thankfully I don't have to worry about looking like my passport photo, I never ever come close!

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