Thursday, June 11, 2009


It's raining in Perth today, which is a bit of a novelty for me as I can still count on my fingers the amount of times it has rained in the whole 6 months we have been here.
I have succumbed to the nasty winter hooglies, rather badly this time I must say, so I am stoked up on cold and flu drugs and rugged up on the couch with the laptop, making my way through blog land. The best way to spend a snuffly, drizzly day.
It was going to be made even better by some hot toast drizzled in butter and honey, except that I popped it in the oven (we have no toaster) only to get distracted with my blog reading, and I well and truely burnt that toast to charcoal like smitherines, setting off the smoke alarm in the process, and then discovering that those two pieces were the last bits of bread in the house.
So gelato it was for breakfast, (to sooth the sore throat of course), only to discover the hooglies have taken over my taste buds and I didn't get to appreciate the sweet strawberry sorbet goodness one little bit.
When all else fails, some trashy day time soaps and chat shows may just do the trick!


pixiepants said...

ah poor you!! i had the sniffles last week and had lots of homemade warm lemon and honey drinks!!mmm :p

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