Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In My Dreams I Go

Flickr photo 'Twilight and the cliffs of Kai Iwi Beach' by Peter
Nearly every night this past week I have been having dreams about my favourite place in the world - Kai Iwi Beach in Wanganui, where I spent every school holiday for about 10 years during my childhood. I was thinking that just in the same way that people use door frames as a measuring stick for all the milestones in their youth, Kai Iwi is the measuring stick for my adolescence. All the important family events were celebrated there, most of my memories are of long hot days in the water, and bitterly cold winters by the fire. It is such a beautiful, special place for me - but not in a cliched way. It's wild and rough - the wind bites in the winter, the blue streaked black sand scorches in summer. The cliffs are dark, moody and dangerous... but it's mine. I may not be able to go there now, but at least I can visit it in my dreams... Bliss!


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